Can Twitter Improve My Education?

Twitter's role in the classroomTwitter in the Classroom…

Patrick just wrote about the “dangers” of using tools like back channel chats or micro-blogging during class time. For the most part, I do agree with him. However, I will add my piece as I do feel it provides us with a good opportunity to reach a subset of students and help differentiate. I will also expand on why it is also debatable after the break Continue reading “Can Twitter Improve My Education?”

Back Channel Chat – FIGHT!


There is a ever growing divide when it comes to teachers using back-channel chat. Check out this New York Times article and a response on Gizmodo. Before we get into the specifics of the fight and what I think about it, let’s explain what a “back-channel chat” is. It is basically a chat room that is closed or monitored by a teacher. Sounds harmless enough, so what’s the problem? It boils down to should teachers use it in class during instruction or discussions. Most teachers are against this, and so am I to an extent. Click on past the break to see why I think this is a not a good idea and I have evidence that supports it too.

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