Bartender – A helpful app


Do you have a Mac and have more than a few menu bar items? I feel your pain. I have a bunch of productivity apps (Fantastical, Cloud app, Updaters, etc.) that clutter the top of my menu bar. Don’t believe me, check it out below.


OK, I did add a few more just to be dramatic, but most of them up there are there almost all the time. I’d like to add more (notice there is no time?) but I just don’t have the room. Also, when I open virtually any other program, it has to cover up a bit of menubar times with their own menus. It can be a little frustrating like having a messy desk.

Time for a change. Time to tidy things up! Time for a Bartender!!! Huh? What? No, I’m talking about hitting up the local happy hour, I’m talking about the app Bartender from Surtees Studios.

Bartender will help manage and tame that out of control menu bar. Check out my after image below.


Don’t worry, everything is still there-heck I even added the time back into the menu bar, but I still have access to everything you see in the before image. If you haven’t guessed it yet, Bartender will hide/manage those apps running on the menubar. Want to learn more? Who doesn’t?! Click on past the break to see what Bartender can do for you.

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