Episode 95 – How cheap is too cheap?


On this episode Tony, Tim and myself discuss blogs that teachers run and some things they should be aware of and should schools consider super cheap devices in their school?

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Podcast Episode 34 – May 17, 2012

On location again. This time at the Grand Excelsior in Dubai. This episode we have Brandon Girard joining us again and Tony. It’s another fantastic episode. If you like what you hear please subscribe to use on iTunes and leave a comment below. Here is what is on tap for this week’s episode of IT Babble.

1) Tony’s Post – “Transition to the Cloud: Avoiding Mistakes and Leading the Change

2) Patrick’s kidblog.org series- student guide, teacher guide, overview

3) Getting rid of textbooks? An article by Shelly Blake-Plock “Increase Student Engagement by Getting Rid of Textbooks

4) iPhone app of the week – DIY nano

5) www.cueprompter.com

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Blogs AWAY!


Blogs are great ways for students to express themselves, share their ideas easily with the class, and students can do it anywhere at anytime (provided they have an Internet connection). On top of that, it is a great way to integrate a little English into any subject. This semester was the first time Omar and I tried it with our students and it worked pretty well. While it seems like a no brainer of why creating a class blog is beneficial; there were a lot of details that Omar and I needed to consider before creating our class blogs. Read on past the break to find out what those details were and what we discovered.

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