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Are Your Files Public? The Edlio Example

School senior leadership should be aware this information is public, how it can be searched, and there should be some minor threat assessment done to determine if these documents (and posting policies) are creating more risk than reward.  Continue reading

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What is Google Drive?

If you read my last post with great interests but were unsure of what Google Drive is worry not my loyal readers as I am here to help give you an idea of its features and why it’s pretty cool. … Continue reading

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minus.com – A great way to share files

As a computer teacher I often find myself needing to share a file with some of my students. I normally use Edmodo as for this as it is reliable and my students are already on it. Sometimes though these students … Continue reading

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3 Tech resolutions for the new year

It’s about time to make some new resolutions for 2012. Dreaming about these resolutions is always fun (check out my three below). Build a moon base to hold family reunions and to use as a vacation spot. Create the next … Continue reading

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