– A review

The other day a student walked into the Tech office and politely asked if we could whitelist a site for him: He uses this site with a stylus and a touchscreen computer at home to do his homework. For a worksheet, he will upload it into and then use the stylus to write his answers. Basically it is a digital way to do his homework. I thought it was pretty interesting so here is a review.

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Milanote – A review

In 2020 I wrote a review about LucidSpark and then made a quick tutorial video. If you’re not too familiar with it and want a quick summary of what LucidSpark does, it is a collaborative tool where people can share and organize their ideas on a near limitless canvas. It is simple and easy to use and I like it.

Then I saw this comment on the video.

Well, I have no loyalty to one product over another and so I thought I would check out Milanote and write a quick review.

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Zopler – A review

Write with me FOOL!


I saw this on Free Tech 4 Teachers and thought, yeah this looks cool, so here I am trying out Zopler. Zopler lets you create a story but wait a minute there’s a twist! Zopler let’s you create a story collaboratively. Wooooo doggie! Now we’re cooking with Crisco. I love me some wild collaboration. So is this worth your time? Is it easy and effective, what settings can you tweak? Well, read on past the break to see if Zopler may be something you want to use.

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