iTunes U – Course Manager


I really like Apple products. I don’t have a Steve Jobs tattoo on the small of my back like Preston but I prefer their products to the competition. In my household we have two iPhones, a Macbook Pro, a 27” iMac, an iPod touch, two iPad Classics and we’re planning on buying a MacBook Air this summer. Yeah, I like their stuff. Despite all of my fanboyism there are some aspects of Apple that I just don’t agree with – like the Course Manager for iTunes U.

I’ve been playing around with their iTunesU Course Manager which lets you aggregate, organize and deliver your course in a modular sort of fashion through iTunes. It really is a pretty slick ad easy to use web based app. You can add all sorts of information from discussion questions, assignments, just about any type of files (video, audio, PDF, Word documents, links etc.) and the Course Manager is web based which means it works on any computer with an Internet connection regardless if it’s an Apple product or not. You only need an Apple ID (which is free).

So far, everything sounds fine and it is! Using the software is So far, it all looks great and it is until students need to access the course. They can only get it from iTunes (fair enough-we need a delivery system after all) and they have to view on their iPad and . . . well that’s really all they can view it on. This is the problem. Read on past the break to see what can be done about it

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