Schools – Get your head out of the sand!


I was reading an article yesterday about a Georgia girl who is suing some of her classmates for libel for bullying her on Facebook. When I told some people about this they kind of chuckled and mentioned that “I guess you can sue anybody about anything these days.” Then I went on to explain how this girl had been bullied for about a year and the school district, the police and Facebook didn’t take any action. Then the expression changes a little on the people I am talking to. It starts to sink in that this was not the first, second or third course of action for this family. I can understand Facebook passing it over. They probably get over a million reports of abuse every week. The sheer manpower required to go through them all is staggering. The police, I can also see them passing on this issue unless it presented a clear endangerment to the girl in question (which maybe it did at some points I just don’t know). Then it leaves me with the school. Here is there excuse for not getting involved. Since the actions happened outside of the campus they couldn’t take any action.

This angers me.

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