I really don’t like LiveBinders.com and neither should you!


I don’t rant about too much on IT Babble but I can’t help it this time. I hate LiveBinders.com and can you blame me? Maybe some of you out there are thinking “What a jerk. What did LiveBinders.com ever do to him? What offense could be so egregious that has compelled him to write an article about it?” Well, you got me there. It hasn’t done anything to me personally but I do believe that it is a terrible way to share information.

Before I go any further, let me explain what LiveBinders.com is. It is a site where you can collect, organize and share your web links. Instead of just having a list of links with maybe your own description, it actually loads the website right on the LiveBinders page letting you quickly surf from link to link. Sounds like a perfect medium for teachers, students, heck just about anybody on the web. So why the hatred? Click on past the break to find out why.

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