Educational iPhone App of the Week – Discovr Apps


Every week I go and search for an app that I think can realistically benefit a teacher, student or both in their never ending educational journey. Yet, with over 500,000 apps on the app store it’s tough to find one that is worth your time. This is where Discovr Apps comes in. You simply type in an app or subject and shows you an ever expanding web of apps that are similar. Tap on another app and the web expands. Included in the web is information that tells you what rating it has and if it’s free. Double tap on an app and it will give you the detailed description, screen shots and the ability to head directly to the app store to purchase or download it. The app retails for $1.99 but it makes searching for apps easier and more enjoyable. While it’s not perfect it does the job great of finding similar apps to sort through. Check out the screen shots below and you can find it on iTunes here.

img_0985-2012-02-14-21-15.jpg img_0987-2012-02-14-21-15.jpg img_0986-2012-02-14-21-15.jpg

img_0988-2012-02-14-21-15.jpg img_0989-2012-02-14-21-15.jpg