Podcast Episode 19 – February 1, 2012

Another Wednesday and another quality podcast from IT Babble. We talk about some great topics this week so if you’ve got a long commute and need to fill 30 minutes you could do much worse than spending it with Omar and myself. Check out our topics below.

1) Happy Groundhog Day

2) Tony’s Post “The Cost of Doing Business

3) “Being techno-frugal” & “The maintenance formula” Doug Johnson Blue Skunk blog

4) iPhone app of the week/month

5) “See who’s editing wikipedia” John Borland Wired

6) Best screen capture program – LifeHacker (Windows), (Mac)

7) Game Salad – Producing concrete products

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iPhone App of the week – EasyBib


Doing a research paper in your class and feel like you’re spending too much on the bibliography? Well the EasyBib app might be for you. Based on the popular website that helps you create correct citations for various types and from various sources. This free app allows anyone to either scan a book’s ISBN number or you can search for it (books only folks). Once it is found it will give you the citation in MLA, APA and Chicago formats. Obviously students will need to know how to add the page numbers they used, but that is an easy addition.

It’s easy, effective and free! Give it a try by downloading it today.

Check out the pictures below.

img_0940-2012-01-17-17-43.png img_0942-2012-01-17-17-43.png img_0941-2012-01-17-17-43.png