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Episode 148 – Olympic Fever

This episode Tony and I make some big statements about the Olympics, talk about Gmail extensions, what ed tech really is and a whole lot more. You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or your favorite podcasting app. Check … Continue reading

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Episode 143 – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving listener! IT Babble is back and better than ever. This week Tony and Patrick talk about a whole bunch of good ed tech topics. Check out the talking points below. As always be sure to subscribe to us … Continue reading

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Measurement in the Change Process

By Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW) is a leading global advisory, brokering and solutions company. They did an extensive study on change management. In the study they state immediately and without hesitation, … Continue reading

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iPhone/iPad app of the week – MyScript Calculator

This app is truly awesome. It is an app that can truly be used in early elementary classes and be used all the way up through college level mathematics. What it allows you to do is literally write (using your … Continue reading

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Recording Your Grading Process

Accuse me of milking the flipped classroom post and Scott Meech’s lengthy comment and I would say – damn skippy! But cute cows are not the focus of this post. The focus is technology in the classroom! More specifically, screen-casting … Continue reading

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Class DoJo – A review

I know classroom management kung fu Have you ever had a student who disrupts your class and you just want to walk over and karate chop them right in the face? Well Class Dojo won’t be able to help you … Continue reading

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Online presentations – REDEMPTION!

On the right track! Back in January I explained my woes I had with Google Presentations (apart of Google Docs) and how horrible it went due to all the technical difficulties. Read the post and the comments here. At that … Continue reading

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Educational iPhone apps

iPhone apps – May style Well here’s that monthly installment everyone’s been waiting for. We’ve got timelines, video and a science apps and more fun for your iDevice. Oh, this month, they’re all free, so no excuses. Remember, your iPhone, … Continue reading

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Back Channel Chat – FIGHT!

There is a ever growing divide when it comes to teachers using back-channel chat. Check out this New York Times article and a response on Gizmodo. Before we get into the specifics of the fight and what I think about … Continue reading

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Tiki-Toki – The review

For all of our devoted readers out there, you may notice that Tiki-Toki was not originally part of our timeline review extravaganza, but they reached out to us through Twitter and asked if we could review them. I am glad … Continue reading

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