My computer ate my homework


As our school year rapidly approaches I thought I would share a policy with you fine people that I will be sharing with the colleagues of my own school. The policy is a simple one but very important. It is: Technology is not an excuse. This year my school is starting to implement a 1:1 program from grades 8 through 12. This program means that these students will be carrying around and allowed to use their own device throughout the school day and when warranted. This also means that students will be doing more and more work digitally and less physically. In short they will be turning in more projects, papers and homework electronically and not turning it in by hand. That means that corrupt files, deleted files, lost work, etc. will become the new dog that eats student’s homework. I am here to say NO! This is not an excuse. Read past the break to find out how you can stomp out this excuse before students even think it and why they shouldn’t be thinking that way in the first place.

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