Cyber Awareness Week


For many middle school students (and a lot of adults I know) their online social community is pretty important to them. In the middle school many of these students are also pretty new to this new online world before them. While they are often wowed about the technology, they often forget that it is a world that can have some consequences as well. At my school we touch on it from time to time but we have started dedicating a whole week to the following topics to raise awareness.

  • Security settings
  • Cyberbullying
  • Online etiquette
  • Consequences for online behavior

Just to be clear, we aren’t telling our students NOT to use Facebook or any social networks, we are trying to make them aware of facets they may not know about. So click on past the break to see what we do. Also, I’m just gong to write about the 6th grade presentation. As you’ll see it’s a lot of information, so I’ll break it up!

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