Class DoJo – A review

I know classroom management kung fu


Have you ever had a student who disrupts your class and you just want to walk over and karate chop them right in the face? Well Class Dojo won’t be able to help you with that. What it will help you with is tracking in-class behavior (both good and bad) and a way to give that feedback in a handsome looking report. Class Dojo is free for the time being (hooray) and is very easy to use (hooray again), but I have some issues with the software (at least the way they want us to use it) and while I’m still recommending it, I do have some thoughts on the matter. Read on past the break to see if your classroom management kung fu can be improved with Class Dojo.

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Timeline Creator Summary

The spreadsheet

Finally the timeline reviews can put to rest . . . for now. Dipity was the winner this year but Timeglider and Tiki Toki were both great in their own right. To get a quick breakdown (in spreadsheet form no less) click on the picture of the Excel spreadsheet below. Feel free to use the infograph and the Excel spreadsheet however you see fit.