iPhone app of the week – Stack the Countries


Last week was Stack the States and this week is Stack the Countries. It’s by the same developer so you can expect quality and fun when using this app. Unlike Stack the States, Stack the Countries lets you chose between questions about specific continents or the world. You can also specify what type of questions you would like to be quizzed on (identifying questions, languages, capitals, flags and more). It is very easy to use and you can have many different player profiles (perfect for sharing within a class). Take a look at the images below to see what you can expect. You can find Stack the Countries on the iTunes app store here.

img_1400-2012-05-31-09-23.png img_1401-2012-05-31-09-23.png img_1402-2012-05-31-09-23.png

img_1403-2012-05-31-09-23.png img_1398-2012-05-31-09-23.png img_1404-2012-05-31-09-23.png

Adobe Flash CS5 – Making a quiz game

The Adobe Flash series continues. This time we are working with controlling the timeline by making a quick little quiz game. We need to utilize some Actionscript code snippets, some nesting of animations and just a basic understanding of how to set up the timeline so this works well. Here are the requirements I gave my students.

  • Must have a start screen (with animation)
  • Must have 3 multiple choice questions
  • Must have a screen for incorrect answers and for getting all the questions correct (both screens must have animation)
  • It should have a background and look pleasing to the eye

Hope this helps those Adobe Flash people out there!