Podcast episode 47 – Mozilla Popcorn! – November 15, 2012


Another awesome podcast. What can I say we are on fire this week. Check out the agenda below and leave a comment.

  1. Tony’s post about a unified calendar system.
  2. Reviews on Meograph& Mozilla’s PopcornMaker (it’ll be up this afternoon)
    1. http://www.meograph.com
      1. Making stories in a different way
      2. Ideas for improvement?
      3. How can it be used across the curriculum
    2. https://popcorn.webmaker.org/
      1. enhancing online media
      2. presenting it
      3. ease of use
  3. Dr. Gary Stager’s question about web2.0 why are there so few, if any, demands being made for evidence of Web 2.0′s efficacy in schools?– the post is titled Accountability and is very short
    1. Are web 2.0 tools going to fade away?
    2. Are teachers really justified in being frustrated by their peers who don’t use these tools?
    3. How transformative are the tools themselves?
  4. iPhone app of the week – Quizlet
  5. How can schools use technology to improve meetings -video conference
    1. agenda ahead of time
    2. optional meetings
    3. recording meetings?

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Podcast Episode 20 – February 8, 2012

What can I say, we’re a little tired this night, but that doesn’t stop Omar and I from turning out another quality podcast. Remember leaving comments will help us make our podcasts in the future even better.

1) Tony’s post about Setting Goals Without Making Loopholes

2) Omar’s post Distracting Gadgets in the Classroom

3) iPhone app of the week (Socrative.com)

4) Socrative.com review

5) BYOD (bring your own device) the pros and cons (an article I saw in learning & leading with technology)

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