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Alright boys and girls. As promised this is the first post of many from our podcasting panel that talks about what blogs we read, why we read them and where to find them. We all agree that you will find valuable information that pertains to your teaching practices. Of course they can be pretty darn entertaining to read too which makes them even compelling to try out. So read on past the break to see my list and of course, if you have some great blogs that you read, leave them in the comments. For the record the girl in the picture is not me.

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Gizmodo posted an interesting article today about the company Social Intelligence and how they performed a background check by looking at a person’s web footprint. This trend is easy, quick, and effective. I expect to see schools using this for prospective teachers, universities using it for prospective parents, and potentially over zealous parents checking out their child’s current educators (though I feel that last example will be very few and far between). Read the article written by Mat Honan here and let me know what you think. Personally, I’m for it. Whether you agree or disagree this type of background check is here and I don’t think it’s going anywhere, but would love to read your comments. All opinions welcomed!

Author’s note: I do not know Santa’s opinion of Omar. Santa’s evaluation of Omar’s behavior is between the North Pole Inc. and Omar. 🙂