Google Classroom and Multiple Accounts

There are a lot of people out there using the Google Classroom app. We have encouraged our parents to log into the app as their child. That way they can see what their kid sees and have a real understanding of what is happening in the classroom.

A question we have received is “What do I do if I have more than one child?” or “How can I view all of my children’s Google Classroom assignments and materials? These are good questions and while it is pretty easy, it may not be the most obvious thing. Continue reading “Google Classroom and Multiple Accounts”

Podcast 80 – Omar is a haiku master


Man, that was a great show! Omar, Preston and myself sit down and talk about some great ed-tech talk. Check out the agenda below and then check out the podcast yourself. You can also download it (see the link below) or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Plus look for our upcoming Haiku contest!

  1. Google Classroom – Google’s Learning Management System predictions?
    1. Here is the YouTube video
    2. The link to Google Classroom
    3. Is this a threat to other LMS like Edmodo, Schoology, Engrade, etc.
    4. What features would you like to see?
  2. A Time to Stop and Think About : STEM, Programming, & Feynman a post by Tony on IT Babble
    1. Is the STEM approach incorrect?
    2. Do you think it will fail?
  3. Google Sites – Patrick’s quick review
    1. Should people use it
    2. Your thoughts
  4. Don’t interview anyone who hasn’t accomplished anything. Ever. post by Tony DePrato on IT Babble
    1. Should this apply to high school students looking to go to university?

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