Gradequick – Arrrrggghhhh revisited!

I can access my grades on my Mac . . . sort of đŸ˜¦

Back in August I wrote a rant about Gradequick the grading program that our school (and tens of thousands of others) use. The rant basically stemmed from Edline (the company behind Gradequick) not having any support for Mac OSX 10.7 – more commonly known as Lion. They claimed that they did not have time (a hardly believable statement in my opinion) to develop it. They also said that they would have something in place in Decemeber. So, I placed them in my crosshairs and went to town and have been waiting ever since. You can read the rant in its entirety here.

NOTE: If you are using Snow Leopard or Leopard you should be able to use Gradequick Web. This only applies to people who have Lion.

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