That’s not innovating

Tony and Patrick are back! Patrick is in Grand rapids attending the ATLIS conference. They will be talking about AI, innovating and how no one gives a flying hooey about the US PIRG report about Chromebooks.

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  1. ATLIS day 1
    1. Good workshops
    2. Innovation is not learning or using technology
    3. Grand Rapids might be nice – no idea but the weather sucks
  2. ChatGPT
    1. We are all aware that the Terms of Service require parental consent of children between the ages of 13-18 – what happens when a fair amount of people say no?
    2. Lawsuits on deck concerning intellectual property, enterprise and copyright
  3. VR questions
    1. How to model something in VR?
    2. How to send it directly to a 3D printer?
  4. Tony’s annoying AI conversation
    1. I need more info Tony
    2. Please read the disclaimers
  5. US PIRG’s Chromebook Report
    2. Nobody cares