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Students making their own gradebook in Google Sheets

In my last post I talked about the importance of grades being transparent for all stake holders involved. One idea I recommend is having students build their own gradebook in Google Sheets (or any spreadsheet program). This gives them significantly … Continue reading

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Podcastapalooza – Part 1

In grade 7, my students get to create podcasts! Yes! It is super fun and just awesome to see them come up with an idea, create and publish (with some assistance from me). It is a fascinating experience to watch … Continue reading

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Adobe Flash CS5 – Making a quiz game

The Adobe Flash series continues. This time we are working with controlling the timeline by making a quick little quiz game. We need to utilize some Actionscript code snippets, some nesting of animations and just a basic understanding of how … Continue reading

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Edmodo Guide Version 3.1

If you’ve been thinking about trying out Edmodo now is the time and to help you out I’ve updated and embedded my guide below. Edmodo is a great way to increase the communication in the class, help students organize and … Continue reading

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Adobe Flash – Make a bouncing ball part 2

Still want a little Adobe Flash instruction? Well IT Babble is back for part two of making a ball bounce. Part one focused on simply how to make a ball bounce. Now we are going to take it to the … Continue reading

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Adobe Flash – Make a bouncing ball part 1

Interested in learning a little Adobe Flash? Well here is your chance to learn. This is a very simple tutorial that will show you how to create a bouncing ball in the . There will be two more parts that … Continue reading

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Interested in Edmodo?

Check out my updated guide So this is the third version of the Edmodo guide. The first I didn’t put online. The second I put up in March of 2011 and to date has been viewed over 12,000 times. WOW! … Continue reading

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You gotta sit

You gotta exercise When we teach, we are up, moving and engaging. We are active and this is healthy for our class and ourselves. However, we all know that teaching is so much more than engaging students. We need to … Continue reading

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How to use HootCourses in your classroom

Ok, it may seem like we are beating a dead horse here (and that would just be plain wrong) by posting all this stuff about HootCourses but we want to be thorough. Patrick posted a video showing you how the … Continue reading

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Hootcourse – Twitter educationalized

That is definitely not a real word. Anyway, in this post I am going to share with you the online service HootCourse.com. This uses Twitter as a means to create a back channel chat, but it has some nice features … Continue reading

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