So you’ve seen our new rating system that Omar and I created. If not click here. Pretty straight forward really. We are so eager to try it out that we decided to review five popular timeline creators. We know there maybe more, but these seem to be the most popular and if you think we’re missing one, leave us a comment saying which one we should add and Omar and myself will make it so. Here are the five with respective links.

Here are some things that Omar and I are looking for. Does it create an effective, easy to view timeline? Is it easy to do this? What kind of options does it offer, and just overall performance. There maybe some other items that grab our attention, but for the most part that’s what we’re looking for.

We hope our reviews will help steer teachers to the program that best helps them with their class(es) and to avoid programs that don’t work for them. Happy reading and as always, comments of all sorts are welcome.

Oh Natalie …

In the month of February of 2011, Natalie Munroe of a Pennsylvanian school district was suspeneded with pay. The cause, she had a personal blog where she said some very unflattering things about her students and colleagues. These things were not that nice. Check out the interview on Good Morning America. While people are debating whether Natalie should be fired or not over what she posted I can see past that to a larger, more important point. Read on past the break to find out what that is.

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HootCourse – YES


Hopefully you’ve read my post on what HootCourse is, if not click here. My colleague and I Omar have discussed HootCourse and are torn on the matter. Omar doesn’t feel that HootCourse has any functional place in the classroom. You can read his well written and supported points here. This post is not to argue his points, I can see where he’s coming from. I am just going to layout how I think it can HELP teachers in the classrooms. Read on past the break to get all the Hootness you can handle.

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Do you think this is appropriate for school?


This picture is real! I am not going to say where I got it, or when it was taken, but I can assure you that this was posted everywhere in a middle school. The sign is about a lottery that took place, for an event. This post isn’t about the sign, which is hilarious by the way, but more about YouTube and how many schools block it. Whether you are for blocking or unblocking read on and leave a comment. Inquiring minds want to know.

FYI: I picked the picture above because I thought it would be far more eye catching than a YouTube logo. Was I right?

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WikiLeaks: Are you talking to your students about it?


In case you’ve been camping in the middle of nowhere for the past couple of weeks, the website WikiLeaks has been making headlines about the confidential documents they have released to the public. This is serious history right here and it is definitely something that needs to be brought up in class. I’ve listed a few discussion points, but if you have some better ones add them into the comments.

  1. Do you agree with what WikiLeaks is doing?
  2. Does information really help keep governments honest?
  3. Should WikiLeaks be considered a terrorist organization?
  4. Is the large amount of information on the Internet a good thing or should it be regulated?

I’m sure that this is not the last of the big news from WikiLeaks. Keep your eyes peeled and your minds open to the new exciting growth of the Internet.