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So you’ve seen our new rating system that Omar and I created. If not click here. Pretty straight forward really. We are so eager to try it out that we decided to review five popular timeline creators. We know there … Continue reading

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Oh Natalie …

In the month of February of 2011, Natalie Munroe of a Pennsylvanian school district was suspeneded with pay. The cause, she had a personal blog where she said some very unflattering things about her students and colleagues. These things were … Continue reading

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HootCourse – YES

Hopefully you’ve read my post on what HootCourse is, if not click here. My colleague and I Omar have discussed HootCourse and are torn on the matter. Omar doesn’t feel that HootCourse has any functional place in the classroom. You … Continue reading

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Do you think this is appropriate for school?

​ This picture is real! I am not going to say where I got it, or when it was taken, but I can assure you that this was posted everywhere in a middle school. The sign is about a lottery … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks: Are you talking to your students about it?

In case you’ve been camping in the middle of nowhere for the past couple of weeks, the website WikiLeaks has been making headlines about the confidential documents they have released to the public. This is serious history right here and … Continue reading

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