That’s a lot of Legos

You can build almost anything with Legos: printers, ATMs and other difficult to explain but really cool stuff. So the good people at Movoto got their thinking caps on and tried to figure out what you could build with all the Legos in the world. Check out their infograph below and be amazed. If you had that many Legos what would you build? Add your thoughts in the comments.

What All the World's LEGO Could Build

Gone in 60 seconds

Log on NOW

Check out this infograph from This is what happens when you unplug for 60 seconds. It is pretty amazing to see so much happening in such a short time. The reason I post is because not too long ago Scott McLeod (a guy I love reading) wrote a pretty cool piece about being on Twitter. You can read that post here. So take a look at the graph, read Scott’s post (and the many many comments that accompany it) and weigh in.