– Create interactive infogrpahs – A review


Infographs are huge right now. They are fun, interesting, colorful ways to consolidate and present a lot of information in a very small and easily consumable package. They are also a great way for students to display information in a creative an engaging way. Enter

This website lets you make infographs that are interactive and beautiful. Want to know more about it? I thought you would. Click past the break to see all the screen shots and goodness. Also, get a load of my very own infographic. It’s sweeeet! 🙂

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Podcast Episode 33 – May 9, 2012

Preston, Omar and I once again take on the ed tech world and once again we prove our metal. Another fantastic episode but to make it better be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and to leave comments. We love those comments especially about your robot survival tips.

1) Tony’s Post – “Content is KING just ask Gordon

2) Touchy – by Eric Siu – The YouTube video

3) Should teachers have a social media policy? – Scott McLeod

4) iPhone app of the week – SolFi Ear Trainer 2 and my review.

5) Easel.lyCreating infographics and here is Preston’s recommendation to find beautiful information.

6) Robot Apocalypse

Listen to it here.

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Need an infograh? – can do that


As I was perusing some blogs the other day and I came across Larry Feralazzo’s blog talking about making infographics. Infographs are great vehicles for students to present information in an creative, effective and attractive way. Anyone can make an infograph with good information but to make it look attractive takes experience, lots of time and an eye for design. I’ve seen examples of student infographs and more times than not, they look pretty ugly which takes away from the overall effect. Here comes This website lets you create infographs right from the comfort of your own browser (sorry-no Internet explorer). It’s in the beta version which means there are still some bugs to work out, but click on past the break to see how to make your own with this free service.

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