The Kindle Fire – This is THE choice for schools right now

It’s even better than the iPad! Yes, I just wrote that!


Amazon just release three new products today. A Kindle for $79, a Kindle Touch for $99/149, and of course Amazon’s new Kindle Fire priced at $200. Despite the lousy name (the Amazon Kindle Fire-really?) this tablet is certainly something to be very excited about. In fact, I daresay that if schools are looking to integrate tablets into their classrooms that the Fire may IS a better choice than the iPad. Don’t believe me? Read on past the break to see my point of view and if you agree disagree or have no idea what a tablet is, Omar and I want your opinion.

UPDATE: Some more than helpful viewers have pointed out a few flaws that makes it worth while to wait on the Kindle Fire. Read about it here. I still think it’ll be a winner, just wait a bit on it.

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Educational iPhone apps


iPhone apps – May style

Well here’s that monthly installment everyone’s been waiting for. We’ve got timelines, video and a science apps and more fun for your iDevice. Oh, this month, they’re all free, so no excuses. Remember, your iPhone, just isn’t to impress your students and colleagues. You can also use it as a teaching companion and a source of information for students and yourself, so read on past the break to see what you’ve been missing.

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