iPhone app of the week – iTexteditors


OK, you got me! This is not an app but definitely an extensive and exhaustive look of text editors for iOS. If you do some writing on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch then this is definitely worth the look. The information was compiled on a public Google Doc and the editor is going to go through this list as time permits to check its accuracy. You can also add an app or a correction. There is a massive chart comparing all the features of each app and below the chart there is detailed information and screen shots of specific apps. Here are a few (this is a big page people) images to give you an idea of how thorough this compilation is. You can find it the list in its glorious entirety here.



Educational iPhone App of the Week – Discovr Apps


Every week I go and search for an app that I think can realistically benefit a teacher, student or both in their never ending educational journey. Yet, with over 500,000 apps on the app store it’s tough to find one that is worth your time. This is where Discovr Apps comes in. You simply type in an app or subject and shows you an ever expanding web of apps that are similar. Tap on another app and the web expands. Included in the web is information that tells you what rating it has and if it’s free. Double tap on an app and it will give you the detailed description, screen shots and the ability to head directly to the app store to purchase or download it. The app retails for $1.99 but it makes searching for apps easier and more enjoyable. While it’s not perfect it does the job great of finding similar apps to sort through. Check out the screen shots below and you can find it on iTunes here.

img_0985-2012-02-14-21-15.jpg img_0987-2012-02-14-21-15.jpg img_0986-2012-02-14-21-15.jpg

img_0988-2012-02-14-21-15.jpg img_0989-2012-02-14-21-15.jpg

Educational iPhone apps


iPhone apps – May style

Well here’s that monthly installment everyone’s been waiting for. We’ve got timelines, video and a science apps and more fun for your iDevice. Oh, this month, they’re all free, so no excuses. Remember, your iPhone, just isn’t to impress your students and colleagues. You can also use it as a teaching companion and a source of information for students and yourself, so read on past the break to see what you’ve been missing.

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Educational iPhone Apps – February (Late edition)

Hey folks! Well, it’s about five days too late, but I can’t let it go. I need to get this done! So I’m currently on a week long school trip (which is awesome by the way) and the place I’m staying (contact me for details) has been graciously enough to offer up their WiFi. Gotta love it. So this batch is pretty good but only three apps. They are all good so let’s get to it. No break, since it’s a short one. Oh did I mention they are all FREE!

Pleco – Chinese dictionary

This is a winner-hands down. If you know anything about Chinese, then this will make sense. If not, then if you’re thinking about learning Chinese, then check it out. You can type in the pinyin or English and it will give you the character you need. You can tap on any character in the app and it will, nearly instantly, bring up what that character is and other uses for it. This is the basic, but you can purchase a ton of in app upgrades. You can use download a feature that will use your camera to take a picture of a character and look it up, or you can actually draw the character right into the app itself. It’s a gem


This app recently had a pretty big update. Now the app does crash from time to time and blogging on an iPhone is far from ideal, but if you’re out and the inspiration strikes, it will do the job. You can even add pictures or video (if you have that option on your blog). One thing that I wish it would add are the categories. You can add categories, but it does not download all the different categories or tags for that matter to your app. Still it works pretty well and I’ve been using it a lot on my school trip this week.

Flashcards +

I bet you can all guess what this does. While the app always asks me to rate it every time I open it, and while I often find myself tapping a little too often, for a free app it is not bad. You get the freedom to create whatever flash cards you want. You can even download your Quizlet flash cards to the app to practice on the go.

Educational iPhone Apps – December


Just in time for the new year, a new list of educational iPhone apps that you can use in your classroom. Some of them leave a little to be desired, but there are more than a few winners here. So be sure to read on past the link to get all the goodness. Have a happy new year and we here at IT Babble hope that your 2011 is as good or better than your 2011.

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Educational iPhone Apps – Novemeber


It’s been a good Thanksgiving weekend and now as I sit on my couch a few belt notches wider watching Machete by Robert Rodriguez, I am pleased to bring you five helpful apps for the king of mobile devices the iPhone. Read on past the break and see how you can better bring out your iPhone in the classroom, and remember Machete don’t text.

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Educational iPhone Apps: October

So, this one is a little late coming, but hey it is here! So as the world turns more and more apps for the iPhone keep coming and we have some good ones here this week. We have two space apps, a virtual tour of the Library of Congress, a graphing calculator app, and a flashcard app. So read on past the link to get the details.


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