iPhone App of the Week – minus


Ever wanted to share a file, picture, video quickly and easily with little-to-no hassle? Then my friend you are in luck. Allow me to introduce you to minus. This is a cloud storage site that allows you to easily upload and share files. Their iPhone app is nearly as good as the website too. You can easily select files from your camera roll and videos to upload, but hold on a minute folks. The minus app can do much more than that! You can also view a number of different files right from your iPhone too (Word documents, pictures, videos, PowerPoints, Excel, etc). It is also very easy to share the file with someone as well. you can do it through email, twitter or copy the link. It is all pretty slick.

With a free minus account, you get 10GB storage limit (for free!) and you can upload files up to 2GB in size. Pretty awesome! Check out the app for your Mac, PC, browser and the website. To get the app for your iPhone click here.

img_1042-2012-03-13-12-39.png img_1045-2012-03-13-12-39.png img_1047-2012-03-13-12-39.png

img_1049-2012-03-13-12-39.png img_1050-2012-03-13-12-39.png img_1040-2012-03-13-12-39.png

Podcast Episode 20 – February 8, 2012

What can I say, we’re a little tired this night, but that doesn’t stop Omar and I from turning out another quality podcast. Remember leaving comments will help us make our podcasts in the future even better.

1) Tony’s post about Setting Goals Without Making Loopholes

2) Omar’s post Distracting Gadgets in the Classroom

3) iPhone app of the week (Socrative.com)

4) Socrative.com review

5) BYOD (bring your own device) the pros and cons (an article I saw in learning & leading with technology)

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Educational iPhone App of the Week – Socrative

socrative0013-2012-02-7-08-10.png socrative0012-2012-02-7-08-10.png

With my review on Socrative it just makes sense that the iPhone app(s) of the week are the two Socrative apps (the teacher and student clicker). It looks just like the website but there is no need to go to the website it just connects. The apps work great and give you the exact same functionality as the website. In fact they look nearly the same thing as the website. Check out the images below. You can download the Socrative Teacher Clicker here and the Socrative Student Clicker here.

Teacher Clicker images

img_0966-2012-02-7-08-10.png img_0968-2012-02-7-08-10.png img_0969-2012-02-7-08-10.png

Student Clicker images

img_0972-2012-02-7-08-10.png img_0973-2012-02-7-08-10.png img_0971-2012-02-7-08-10.png