Podcast Episode 40 – Sixty percent of the time it works all the time – September 20, 2012


Another great epsiode. This is our special sex panther episode (see the movie Anchorman). At any rate we talk about some of the trending educational news and topics. This week we are joined by Cara, Tony, Omar and myself. So get in there, enjoy and leave a comment. We love those things!

  1. 1:1 connecting students
  2. OU Learn – on YouTube
  3. Inspiration and the curse of YouTube CC Omar Ghosn
  4. DIY.org (quickly)
  5. Ontario School for Art and Design – Art textbook?
  6. iPhone apps – Google Drive & Class Dojo
  7. Evolution and technology

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iPhone App of the Week – Mad Libs


Man do I remember these! Mad Libs were a favorite past time for us in the fifth grade. We would laugh hilariously as we dropped in ridiculous nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc. blindly into a short story and then read the account aloud. It was awesome. Now you can have that same fun right on your iPhone. If you are familiar with Mad Libs then using the app should be of no surprise to you. If you’ve never used Mad Libs they ask you for words based on their part of speech (noun, verb, adverb, etc.) then it takes those words and drops them into a story. the results are usually pretty funny. The app itself is free and the includes four Mad Libs to complete. To get more you can purchase them within the app. The free ones were able to make me chuckle (yeah, I’m 36 years old). Get it here from the iTunes store. To get a better idea check out the pictures below.

img_1052-2012-03-20-19-54.png    img_1054-2012-03-20-19-54.png


img_1056-2012-03-20-19-54.png    img_1053-2012-03-20-19-54.png


Podcast Episode 19 – February 1, 2012

Another Wednesday and another quality podcast from IT Babble. We talk about some great topics this week so if you’ve got a long commute and need to fill 30 minutes you could do much worse than spending it with Omar and myself. Check out our topics below.

1) Happy Groundhog Day

2) Tony’s Post “The Cost of Doing Business

3) “Being techno-frugal” & “The maintenance formula” Doug Johnson Blue Skunk blog

4) iPhone app of the week/month

5) “See who’s editing wikipedia” John Borland Wired

6) Best screen capture program – LifeHacker (Windows), (Mac)

7) Game Salad – Producing concrete products

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Educational iPhone apps -April

It’s another month of fun filled app for the iPhone! Last month I took a good look at March themed apps. This month it is more of  grab bag and while some of them deal with grades, others for video, but to get to all the goodness, read on past the break Continue reading “Educational iPhone apps -April”