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Oh Natalie …

In the month of February of 2011, Natalie Munroe of a Pennsylvanian school district was suspeneded with pay. The cause, she had a personal blog where she said some very unflattering things about her students and colleagues. These things were … Continue reading

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Chuck Norris – a true IT innovator

We here at IT Babble love to give shout outs to true innovators in the field of technology. You know people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Byrne, but today we are saluting the greatest of innovator … Continue reading

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Blogger-How to set up your class blog – THE VIDEO!

Yet another video that will help you get your class blog off the ground. This video will show you exactly how easy it is to set up your blog with blogger.com. Just follow these quick steps and your class blog … Continue reading

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Creating a reusable rubric in Word 2011 (Mac)

Hello blog readers. If you’re a teacher who has a large number of students you probably use rubrics or checklists to assess students from time to time. Rubrics are a great way to assess students. A good rubric is not … Continue reading

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Let’s go to school! Maybe not quite yet.

I recently responded to a post Less Do, More Think, where Jerri Kruse warns the educational community about rushing blindly towards technology integration. I agree with many of his points, and there have been some good comments left on my … Continue reading

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Parent Conferences – How can technology make it better?

It’s conference time in my neck of the forest and I’ve been reflecting on how this process could be made better with a little technology. This time can be stressful for all the parties involved but why? Conferences should be … Continue reading

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What’s in a desk?

I was perusing Lifehacker today when I saw this post/video about desks and how some very creative people relate to them.  Check out the video yourself and see if you are one of these people? Do you need a desk, … Continue reading

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Aaaaaand action!

I started a unit on video production today with one of my middle school classes. We have been preparing for weeks for the day that we would get to use the coveted Mac lab. Learning about the different cameras, the … Continue reading

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Hey! Where’d I go?

As a good little educator, I try to read a number of blogs to help keep me up to date on some of the trends that are going on and how people are using these new ideas in their classrooms. … Continue reading

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Best of the Best: OpenOffice

The first free and major competitor to Microsoft Word is OpenOffice. It was originally managed by Sun Microsystems, but Oracle purchased Sun and is now running the project. To be clear OpenOffice is totally free and contains not just a … Continue reading

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