The Kindle Fire for your school?

Soon but not quite yet


Not long ago I wrote a post full of glee, a post full of promise and a post full of financial responsibility. I titled it The Kindle Fire – This is THE choice for schools right now. Heck I even called out Apple’s behemoths the iPad and the iPad2 and said the Kindle Fire is better than those for schools. To be clear, I haven’t even held a Kindle Fire yet and I know the reviews are so-so. Check out Engadget’s review and Gizmodo’s review (both sites are great sources by the way) to see the pros and cons and opinions of people far more qualified than myself.

However, I still feel that what it offers is still a great choice for schools looking to dive into the tablet craze. For the price ($200), you get an awful lot of power and flexibility that could a very useful learning tool in the classroom.

So why am I telling you DO NOT BUY THE AMAZON KINDLE FIRE YET. Read on past the break to get the fiery reason (yes that is a poorly used pun) you should wait.

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Podcast Episode 12 – November 23

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! Episode 12 is a doozy! We talk about a how mess of educational technology and have a great time doing it. We think you’ll like it too. Here is what we cover in this week’s episode.

1) Our awesome new intro and welcome Tony DePrato to IT Babble

2) A great way to use QR codes by Karen Mills. Read it here.

3) The kindle fire and nook tablet proxy settings – uh-oh!

4) Recording your grading process using document cameras.

5) The Khan Academy – Summer camp style

6) Tom Whitby’s post the heck with tech & my pots on digital note taking.

7) Tom Whitby’s post PD Paradigm Shift – good stuff here people.

8) Stanford class experiment

9) Taking tech breaks

That about does it for this week and man that is a ton of info am I wrong? Sit back for 30 minutes and enjoy the sultry sounds of Omar and Patrick as the give you the low down on ed tech.

The Kindle Fire – This is THE choice for schools right now

It’s even better than the iPad! Yes, I just wrote that!


Amazon just release three new products today. A Kindle for $79, a Kindle Touch for $99/149, and of course Amazon’s new Kindle Fire priced at $200. Despite the lousy name (the Amazon Kindle Fire-really?) this tablet is certainly something to be very excited about. In fact, I daresay that if schools are looking to integrate tablets into their classrooms that the Fire may IS a better choice than the iPad. Don’t believe me? Read on past the break to see my point of view and if you agree disagree or have no idea what a tablet is, Omar and I want your opinion.

UPDATE: Some more than helpful viewers have pointed out a few flaws that makes it worth while to wait on the Kindle Fire. Read about it here. I still think it’ll be a winner, just wait a bit on it.

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