Going 1:1 – Week 1


No, no, no I will not posting about our process each and every week but I figure talking about the first week (teacher orientation) with our new Macs, the questions I received, the frustrations and joy I observed and how all this matched up to the idea in my head and reflections I have on this week (and there are many). So click on past the break, sit back and take this short trip with me. As always, comments are greatly welcomed.

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Podcast Episode 27 – March 28, 2012

Man, it is a great podast even though we are down Tony this week (he’s out watching the Hunger Games). Omar and I though are super excited because it is the Final Four weekend, we’re on Spring Break and . . . we have officialy unveiled out one-to-one program at our school, so that’s what is we are talking about. We also mention the Flutter video (the new Twitter). You can view it here.

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1) We are going 1:1 but why now?

2) BYOD vs school provided devices

3) Reasons why 1:1 can fail

4) What we are doing to help it succeed

5) PD what will this look at our school

6) What will IT classes look like after the roll out?

7) iPhone app of the week – Graphs

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