Mic Tests!

We have some teachers who need to teach from home even though we are teaching in person. So I worked with them and worked out a solution with the devices we currently have on hand. The teachers will want to Zoom in to do their instruction so the students need to see and hear them and the teacher also needs to see and hear the students. Seeing isn’t too difficult with built in webcams but hearing the students is a different problem, so I tested a few mic options. In this test I test the following mics:

You can check out the results in the video below. I read the same description of a book around the room in a normal speaking voice to make sure the test is pretty fair. You can also check out Tony’s post about his Hi-Flex iPad option.

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Podcastapalooza – Part 1

podcast logo

In grade 7, my students get to create podcasts! Yes! It is super fun and just awesome to see them come up with an idea, create and publish (with some assistance from me). It is a fascinating experience to watch this happen. I’m going to be writing a series of posts that will hopefully help you bring podcasting to your classroom. For the record, I think this can be done in the elementary school as well (grade 3 and up). So click on past the break to learn about why its a great unit, how I assess each one, how I host each one and what equipment I use.

What is it?
Sometimes I get excited and start talking about how much I love this unit and people feel a little sheepish because they have no idea what I’m talking about. So let’s start with what it is.


Basically it is a show that is recorded and then put online for anyone to download. It can be audio only or with video and you can basically find podcasts about any topic out there. You can find these podcasts in a lot of places like iTunes, Podomatic, Podbean, etc. Check out the IT Babble podcasts on iTunes and Podomatic (sorry for the shameless promotion).

To get an idea of what some student examples sound like, check out what my little cherubs churned out on PodOmatic or on iTunes..

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