Podcast Episode 26 – March 21, 2012

Finally, the stars have aligned. Patrick, Omar and Tony are together for the first time. This episode is fun, educational and full of great stuff. As always you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. Here’s what we’re discussing this week.

1) Tony’s post about opportunity cost

2) SXSW homeless mobile hotspots – how about having schools do this?

3) Mike Daisey and the message he sends – Patrick’s post (clip courtesy of This American Life)

4) iPhone app of the week – Mad Libs

5) Edmodo and GoogleDocs

Mike Daisey and a tough question


If you haven’t heard of Mike Daisey let me give you a quick synopsis. He is an author, actor and play write. He has been in the news lately for a monologue that he wrote and performs called The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs. You can download the entire monologue from his blog here. The monologue talks about his love of Apple products and about where these wonderful devices come from: the Foxconn factories in China. In 2010 Mike went to Chine to learn more about these factories and part of his show is about his experiences. He recounts his conversations he has had with workers (young and old) about the terrible conditions in the factories, how they hire children to work and how the work can cause serious health risks.

There is a problem though folks. Read on past the break to learn what ethical issues Mike has stepped into here.

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