Podcast Episode #36 – May 30, 2012

It is just Omar and I this week but that does not deter the entertainment and educational value of this week’s podcast. We have a lot to talk about so check out our agenda below. Also, be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes.

  1. 1. Omar’s post “Please Don’t Call Me!
  2. 2. Post from Jeff Utecht (www.thethinkingstick.com) – “Why there is no one way to go 1:1
  3. 3.Tom Whitby’s (www.tomwhitby.wordpress.com) post – “How We Teach Trumps What We Teach
  4. 4. iPhone App of the Week – Stack the Countries
  5. . In what kinds of technology should teachers be required to be competent? The debate about technology expectations for teachers.
  6. Mozilla Thimble helps you learn CSS and HTML things that can will go wrong

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