Podcast episode 44 – Live from the NESA Leadership Conference – October 18, 2012

We are recording from the NESA Leadership Conference in Dubai. It is a great episode and we actually eneded up with our very first audience. Thank you to those two conference goers. At any rate it is a great episode. Check out what is in store for you below.

  1. NESA Leadership conference
  2. What’s the deal with the printing!?
  3. The Amanda Todd story
    1. How some students are viewing her – Hero
    2. How should have schools responded?
    3. People love to point fingers but who is to blame?
    4. What can we as teachers do about it?
    5. Facebook’s TOS regarding safety policy
  4. The whole Reddit brew-haha
    1. Freedom of the Internet? Should we even talk about this?
  5. Professional Development for IT
    1. What is the responsibility of the staff?
    2. What should be offered?
    3. How often should it be offered?
    4. Flipping the PD?
  6. iPhone app of the week – 30/30

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Upcoming NESA Conference

This week in DUBAI I will be attending the NESA conference. I am never excited about such events because everything is always out of context…meaning out of the school…out of the classroom…and away from criticism.

I have decided to focus on NON-IT sessions so that I can expand my knowledge base. Here are the sessions I am going to attend:

  • Measuring What Matters: Strategies for Tracking Progress on 21st Century and other “Soft” Skills
  • This Is Not a Classroom

I have looked at all the others and they seem pretty common – like I have read this or done this 10 times in the last 5 years – or just not relavent to me. I am going to try to do 2 more depending on my level of annoyance and the quality of the coffee.

I noticed that they have some multi-day workshops and some 3-4 hour workshops. I would like to recommend some themes and/or topics for the future:

  • Technology in the Classroom – has nothing to do with making Power Points
  • 10 Ways to do things that students actually enjoy that will save you time and Power Point is not one of them.
  • If you are using Power Point then you need to stop.
  • Power Point Addicts – learn to walk away from a technology the US Military has recently declared a waste of time. (All Criticism aside they are highly efficient.)
  • The Cloud is not new or theoretical it is powering over 20 Million learners daily. So what are you doing with that USB?
  • Stop Talking and Make something useful.

All these sessions I would attend for hours or days !  More to come with follow-ups from the sessions, vendor exhibition, and a live Podcast at the show with all the Crew Minus Preston.

Tony DePrato