iPhone App of the Week – Sketch Nation Studio


Ever wanted to build your own iOS game? Ever wanted to sell that game? Ever wanted to be rich and famous for making and selling your iOS game? Have you wanted to do these things, but you don’t have the coding knowledge of an Omar Ghosn?

Well fear not, now there is Sketch Nation Studio. The free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. You can make an either vertical jumping game or a side scrolling game. You get to create the characters, create the enemies, create the background, chose the music and much more. It’s a lot of fun and to make a good and entertaining game takes a bit more thought than one might think. This is a great idea for students to get them to create something, try it out, edit it, try it again.

The games can be uploaded and Studio Nation and if it is selected they will get it on the iTunes store. You, as the game creator, will make 35 cents out of every dollar. Not bad for not having the coding skills of one Omar Ghosn. You can get it free from the iTunes store here.

img_1211-2012-04-19-14-29.png img_1212-2012-04-19-14-29.png img_1213-2012-04-19-14-29.png

img_1214-2012-04-19-14-29.png img_1215-2012-04-19-14-29.png img_1209-2012-04-19-14-29.png