A changing of the guard

Way back in October I wrote a post about OpenOffice.org and how it is pretty awesome. Well bitter sweet news has befallen us. Oracle bought Sun in 2010 and took over the OpenOffice.org project. This week they have decided to stop supporting the project. Don’t reach for those hankies just yet people. When Oracle took over, a number of OpenOffice.org people jumped shipped and started their own project called LibreOffice.

Like OpenOffice, it is totally free and contains a word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, drawing, and more software. It is built off of OpenOffice.org (so it’s familiar to those who use it) and is supported, which means there were be updates to fix bugs, adding new features, and new releases. Get it today by following the link below. Oh yeah, it is wicked powerful and nearly as good as that paid version known as Microsoft Office.

UPDATE: This post is suggesting the OOo is dead but that is not the case. Oracle is opening it back up to the community as opposed to supporting it themselves. In the meantime, I still recommend switching to LibreOffice.

Best of the Best: Windows Live-Online Word


Part two of the best of the best free word processing options is out! We will be heading towards the computing giant Microsoft and their free, handy, dandy online office suite which is part of the Windows Live applications. I’ve mentioned Windows Live before concerning the SkyDrive. I got to be honest. I wasn’t expecting too much from this web app considering Microsoft has not really pushed its existence too much. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this Web App for the first time. Read on past the break to learn what I found, and I have pretty screen shots too!

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Best of the Best: OpenOffice


The first free and major competitor to Microsoft Word is OpenOffice. It was originally managed by Sun Microsystems, but Oracle purchased Sun and is now running the project. To be clear OpenOffice is totally free and contains not just a Word processing program but also a spreadsheet (like Excel), a simple drawing program, a presentation program (like PowerPoint), a database program (like Access), and an equation editor. That is a whole lot of productivity in a free download huh? This post, I’ll be focusing on the word processing part and how it stacks up to the reigning champ Microsoft Word. Read on past the break to see how it may work for you.

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