A response to “What’s Up With That?”


IT Babble Response

This is a response to a post that Matt LaBarge wrote on his blog that was later reposted on Free Tech for Teachers. In the post Matt expresses some frustration on teachers and how they use technology in their lives, but not in their teaching. I tried to post this on Matt’s blog but was met with an error (no fault of his own, I think Blogger is still working out some problems). You can find his blog and all his fine writing here and to find the post in question click on here on its title What’s Up With That. I give a possible deeper reason why teachers are resistant to integration. I maybe right or I maybe wrong, but the only way to know for sure is to read my reply past the break and find out. Oh yeah, leave a comment while you’re at it. Omar and I love those things!

PS. That is not Matt in the picture-I don’t know what Matt looks like, but I’m sure he is a handsome fella.

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