Podcast Episode 33 – May 9, 2012

Preston, Omar and I once again take on the ed tech world and once again we prove our metal. Another fantastic episode but to make it better be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and to leave comments. We love those comments especially about your robot survival tips.

1) Tony’s Post – “Content is KING just ask Gordon

2) Touchy – by Eric Siu – The YouTube video

3) Should teachers have a social media policy? – Scott McLeod

4) iPhone app of the week – SolFi Ear Trainer 2 and my review.

5) Easel.lyCreating infographics and here is Preston’s recommendation to find beautiful information.

6) Robot Apocalypse

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Podcast episode 30 – April 19, 2012

This is our longest episode yet but man it is probably our best. We do have a little technical difficulties with our mics (odd as we’re IT people) but stick with it as we talk about a lot of very relevant topics. Including Chemas big night out. Be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes here.

1) Tony’s 2 posts “It’s 2012 Stop Using Attachments” & “Operation Overlord

2) Omar’s post “Symbaloo missed the mark with my students

3) iPhone app of the week “Sketch Nation Studio

4) Patrick’s post “Cyber Awareness

5) Acceptable use policies for a 1:1 environment

6) Omar’s post “Virgina wants kids to learn online

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Podcast Episode 18 – January 25, 2012

Episode 18 is in the can! Omar and I crank out another high quality podcast. Next week we hope to have Tony join us for his first ever IT Babble appearance, but in the meantime you will have to deal with Omar and I. Here is what we talk about and of course subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.

SOPA & PIPA are dead – Hooray 🙂

1) iBooks is not the eTextbook of my dreams

2) iBooks Author

3) The Kurio tablet (Aakash)

4) Mobile Phone app of the week A+FlashCards Pro

5) Game Salad & Construct 2

6) Tony’s post “Don’t be Pwned! Own Your Data

6)  End of semester 1 – reflection

7) Megaupload

8) Is my encrypted data is safe?

Podcast Episode 13 – November 30

Another good week and another great podcast episode. Here is what we talk about this week and for the record, Omar is not seeking help with his ZamZar addiction. Listen to find out what I’m talking about.

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Dipity – The review

In the words of Gru “Now that’s what I’m talkin a-bout.” This is easily one of the best timeline creators out there. While there are a few areas I’m iffy on, I can fully recommend this website to create timelines for your class. It is well thought out, very easy to use and gives you options on top of options that most others do not, or if they do, it is not done as well. I implore you to eagerly read on past the break to get all the Dipity goodness.

HootCourse – Twitter for the classroom – THE VIDEO!

What can I say, Omar and I are on a HootCourse kick. This is a quick video about how to get started with HootCourse. Later this week Omar and I are going to duke it out over what we think about HootCourse. If you’re curious, play the video and see what it’s all about.

Get your Omm on!

There are a lot of no frills word processors out there, but I love to think back to my Brother Word Processor days when all I saw were the words on the screen. No menus, no icons, no rulers, no toolboxes, etc. I know that Word and Pages both provide a full screen minimalistic approach, but it just isn’t enough for me or less I should say. You see I wanted even less. Let me introduce you to Ommwriter. A word processing program for Mac and PC. It eliminates pretty much everything and gives you the writing experience you’ve been longing for. Read on past the break to get all the zen-like details.

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Blogger-How to set up your class blog – THE VIDEO!

Yet another video that will help you get your class blog off the ground. This video will show you exactly how easy it is to set up your blog with blogger.com. Just follow these quick steps and your class blog will be up and running. Hope you have as much fun blogging with your class that I do. Happy blogging.

Blogger – How to set up your class blog


Setting up your class blog with blogger.com is a breeze. There is potentially one thing that could cause problems, but I will get to that after the break. Blogger is the second most popular blog platform in the world (after wordpress). Thanks to its ease of use and very visual and easy to navigate settings. It does not offer the power or options as wordpress.com but still many people use it (including my wife). Read on past the break for all the how to goodness.

*NOTE* Blogspot.com and blogger.com are the SAME. There is no difference between the two anymore as Google owns them both.

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Creating a reusuable rubric in Word (Mac) – THE VIDEO!

It’s like Christmas a little huh? Everyone was probably having difficulties sleeping and wonder when, oh when, will Patrick unveil this video. Will put away the milk and cookies because here it is kiddies. This will walk you through how to make a template in Microsoft Word 2011 (Mac). These steps will also work with Microsoft Word 2008 (Mac). The PC version is coming soon.