– A review

The other day a student walked into the Tech office and politely asked if we could whitelist a site for him: He uses this site with a stylus and a touchscreen computer at home to do his homework. For a worksheet, he will upload it into and then use the stylus to write his answers. Basically it is a digital way to do his homework. I thought it was pretty interesting so here is a review.

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Preview for Mac – Did you know it can do that?


You know what I love? I love sunsets, kittens playing with string, and I love discovering a simple program that has some really powerful features built in. That last one is always a special moment for me. It is like opening a birthday present to find lots of little birthday presents inside. Who doesn’t like that? Come on! That is the feeling I get when I use one of Apple’s best little programs: Preview.

Most people use Preview to open PDF files but it can do ohhhh so much more. Hopefully I have peaked your curiosity. Go ahead and click on past the break to see what presents await you and if you know all these tips then go ahead and leave a new one or which one you use the most.

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Print Friendly – Print from the web the right way

Have you ever been to a website and wanted to print an article and tried but you only found way too much ads, junk on the side, or it just doesn’t print correctly. Well fear not my friend because Print Friendly is here to save you. Print Friendly will take that article and remove all that unwanted nonsense. Not only that but you can email it or create a PDF. Heck, you can even remove parts of the article if you like. Print Friendly is easy, reliable, and free. Check out the video above to get all the friendly goodness. There are other services out there that offer similar features, but I find Print Friendly a little easier to use and that can make your day a lot easier.