Podcast Episode #35 – May 24, 2012

What a great episode this week. Tony, Omar and myself are joined by Preston and Cara Marlowe. It is our longest and best one yet. Lots of laugher and intelligent conversation about some of the most interesting ed tech topics. We also discuss some helpful websites for you and of course the iPhone app of the week. As always please subscribe to us on iTunes.

1) Tony’s post – “Too many VLE, PLNs, and Online Learning Spaces

2) Easy image editor? Try www.picmonkey.com – It’s the new picnik

3) Patrick’s article “pen.io: A unique writing platform

4) An article by Ann Michaelsen of MindShift “For Exams, is using the Internet Considered Cheating?

5) iPhone app of the week – Stack the States

6) Liz Dwyer from good.is “Juilliard Brings Online Music Education to the Masses

7) Gaming in class (Trade Nations or Thereau)

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Pen.io – A unique writing platform


I like writing, I mean I do write a blog after all. A bit of a hobby of mine is to fine different writing platforms such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, GoogleDocs, Zoho Writer, ShamblesPad and so on and so on. Last year someone told me about pen.io but I didn’t really pay much attention to it. Not sure why I brushed it off, but it stuck in my mind and now here I am reviewing it tonight.

So what is pen.io? It is a very lightweight writing platform that lets you write with very little distractions and without making an account. You can easily share it. These are great ways to write down ideas, do some quick collaboration and more, but is it enough to use in your class? Should you take the time to find ways to implement this with your students or just move on? Read on past the break to get my take on pen.io and then leave a comment below to let me know what you think about this unique service.

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