Picmonkey.com – Unleash your inner monkey


Ever feel the urge to eat lots of bananas, hang from trees, eat bugs out of your friends hair and edit some images? Well if you answered yes to all of those you are truly unique and beyond my means of help. If you only answered the last question, then this post will help you out quite a bit. So what is picmonkey.com? It is an online image editor that is so easy to use that elementary students will have no problem using it and powerful enough that adults can use it as well. There’s no sign up needed and you can download or post your pictures to Facebook. Sounds a lot like picnik.com? Well funny you should think that, because it is made by some of the same people. So why use picmonkey instead of picnic? Well picnik no longer exists. Google bought there service and rolled it into Google+ and then shut picnik down. So hit on past the break to see all what all the monkey business is about (sorry – I couldn’t help myself).

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Podcast Episode #35 – May 24, 2012

What a great episode this week. Tony, Omar and myself are joined by Preston and Cara Marlowe. It is our longest and best one yet. Lots of laugher and intelligent conversation about some of the most interesting ed tech topics. We also discuss some helpful websites for you and of course the iPhone app of the week. As always please subscribe to us on iTunes.

1) Tony’s post – “Too many VLE, PLNs, and Online Learning Spaces

2) Easy image editor? Try www.picmonkey.com – It’s the new picnik

3) Patrick’s article “pen.io: A unique writing platform

4) An article by Ann Michaelsen of MindShift “For Exams, is using the Internet Considered Cheating?

5) iPhone app of the week – Stack the States

6) Liz Dwyer from good.is “Juilliard Brings Online Music Education to the Masses

7) Gaming in class (Trade Nations or Thereau)

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