Newish Zoom Recorders

Just to be clear. I am not talking about Zoom, the video conference tool. I am talking about Zoom, the audio/visual recording hardware company. For long time readers of IT Babble, you may know that I have a sweet spot for Zoom.

I own a Zoom H6 for about 8 years and absolutely love it. The Zoom has never, never failed me in all that time. The build quality is rock solid. If I happened to drop it I certainly wouldn’t worry too much and it can run on a variety of power sources:

  • AA Batteries
  • USB power bank
  • Computer power
  • A plug in brick adapter with a USB input

There is more, in fact I could easily write a whole post just about my H6 and how it is a great podcasting machine, but folks, I am here to bring news of Zoom’s most recent endeavors and how awesome they are. Continue reading “Newish Zoom Recorders”

Episode 100 – Omar returns!

episode 100

Omar returns for the 100th episode of IT Babble as we discuss people using podcasts instead of exams, students who fail and some holiday no-no’s.

We will be off till January so everyone enjoy your holidays! Check out our talking points below.

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  1. Wow – 100 episodes!
    1. Thoughts?
  2. Inspired By Serial, Teens Create Podcasts As A Final Exam by Linda Flanagan of KQED
    1. Link:
    2. Student example 1:
    3. Student example 2:
    4. Is this enough to justify a final exam?
    5. How would other English teachers feel?
  3. The Best Students Are Often the Ones Who Make the Most Mistakes by Melanie Pinola of LifeHacker
    1. Link:
    2. We know this to be true
    3. How can teachers create this environment in their classroom?
    4. Consequences of this type of environment (positives and negatives)?
  4. Holiday movies you shouldn’t show
    1. Recommendations of what not to show your class?

Download the episode HERE!″

Podcastapalooza Part 3 – Using Google Forms and Webs


The guide continues. Part 1 was a “quick” overview of the whole unit. Part 2 was all about the resources I created and how I shared them. You no doubt saw that I had a booking system in place for students to check out the different microphones. If not you can check it out here in all of its simplicity. Yep, you guessed it, that’s what we will be delving into today. The reason I am adding this section separate to the others is that this little trick is pretty handy and can work with just about anything. Click on past the break to see how I leveraged Google Forms and free website from Webs to make a very effective booking system.

Continue reading “Podcastapalooza Part 3 – Using Google Forms and Webs”

Podcast Episode 17 – January 19, 2012

This week we rock out another fantastic podcast. Check out our topics below and as always don’t forget to subscribe to us through iTunes. Oh yeah and we hate SOPA just in case you weren’t aware 🙂

1) SOPA we don’t like you.

2) iBooks 2, iBooks Author, iUniversity – Link to coverage on Gizmodo

3) “Students with smartphones study more” PC World – Tony Bradley

4) Mobile Phone app of the week EasyBib – iOS App & Android App

5) Tony’s post “Specifications

6) Patrick’s post about GradeQuick on Mac OSX Lion

7) New Edmodo Guide 3.1 

8) “Internet Access is Not a Human Right” Op-Ed Vinton Cerf