The POWER of WordPress

See the possibilities


I saw this article about WordPress today in TechCrunch that boasts some more than impressive numbers. According to WordPress they are powering almost 15% of the top million websites and that 22 out of 100 new websites in the US are powered by WordPress. Wow. WordPress is a blogging platform but it clearly can be used for so much more. We at IT Babble use, but will eventually move it to a private server. When we do that we will have to download the WordPress software at

So why tell you about this? Well, it just goes to show you the WordPress and other blogging platforms (Blogger and Posterous) can be used for more than just blogging. Check out some ideas below:

  • Digital Portfolios
  • Electronic bulletin board
  • An open forum for debate
  • A space for students to share information and collaborate
  • A place for students to voice their opinion about the course of the class

I’m sure that you the reader can come up with more dynamic ways that you could use a blog and if you need some help setting one up check out our guides.

The school year is still young-set up a blog for your own needs and have some fun. 🙂

Happy blogging everyone.