Prezi – Getting started


Prezi is a solid go to platform for making unique looking presentations. It’s easy to use, pretty different from anything else out there and the final product usually looks great. It was also our second post here on IT Babble and one of our most popular. Here is a quick guide to refresh you on how to use it with its new interface. Click past the link to see the guide or click HERE to see it on its own webpage.

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Online presentations – REDEMPTION!

On the right track!


Back in January I explained my woes I had with Google Presentations (apart of Google Docs) and how horrible it went due to all the technical difficulties. Read the post and the comments here. At that time, I swore I would leave Google Docs and give Zoho a try, which is what I did, but I didn’t just stop there-oh no! I went further and threw Prezi in the mix since they added a collaborative component. Now everything didn’t go super smoothly, but it went well enough. Read on pas the break to see how my love of online collaboration was rekindled.

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