Podcast Episode 11 – November 16

In this episode (the best yet in my opinion) we talk about a lot our events and thoughts from the week. So here is what we keyed in on.

1) Edmodo challenger #3 myschoolbinder.com and my review you can find here.

2) Scott Meech’s comment (scroll down after following the link) and read Omar’s response here.

3) High profile techy & kids

4) Technology & need

5) My review of the unusual service embed plus and all its glory.

Unfortunately Daniel Kilback couldn’t join us this week but he’ll be there next week so stay tuned for our first featured guest. You can listen to the podcast in its entirety here or you can subscribe to us on iTunes by following this link. Happy listening!

Edmodo Challenger #3 – Schoolbinder


This is the long awaited third challenger: Schoolbinder. This site was a breeze to sign up, has a clean and simple interface and easy to get students in the class. So does all of this (and some other features) add up to a winner? Does Schoolbinder seize the crown from Edmodo? Not even close. There are some serious shortcomings that keep Schoolbinder from being a real competitor. Want more, then hit the link and head past the break to get all the deets (that’s details for short-I love Tom on Parks and Recreation). Of course Omar and I want to hear your opinion too so leave a comment peeps (see how I did that again?).

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