– Why didn’t we do this earlier?!


Parent conferences are very important. I don’t think any teacher/parent finds them useless. There may be the occasional unnecessary conference but for the most part we find them all helpful, enlightening and I wish they would happen a lot more often (that’s for a different post). However, there are some nuts and bolts that have to be considered when running/organizing a parent conference. The main points are the following:

  • How to get the word out?
  • How will parents book the appointment?
  • Where will the individual meetings take place?

The first and last of those our school does very well. It was the booking appointments that was the problem. Lucky for us there is They provide an online booking system that is designed for parent teacher conferences. The service is awesome, the people are friendly and professional and best of all, it works really well. Intrigued? Want some more info, the click on past the break to see all the goodness that made this year’s parent teacher conference at my school a lot better.

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