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CyberSecurity Part 1: Social Engineering

By Tony DePrato | Follow Me on LinkedIn I have noticed an uptick recently in schools moving resources, money and time, to address cybersecurity concerns. The motivation for addressing security issues is genuine, but the approach and implementations I am … Continue reading

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Scan Your School for Unsecured Public Documents

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on LinkedIn How many documents do you have open to the public? When was the last time you checked to see what anyone with internet access could download from your school website, your PowerSchool … Continue reading

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Controlling What Students Can Access

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato Recently I have been discussing multiple new security measures for academic networks. From these discussions with other schools, engineers, and suppliers, I have created set of goals to help keep the development of network … Continue reading

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Weekly Rant: Malware is Real

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato The International Educator Blog Post on Ransomeware  

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Understanding Ransomeware

                                   By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato On Friday, 12 May 2017, a large cyber-attack using it was launched, infecting more … Continue reading

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Stopping Entitlement & The Arbitrary Security

This is one of those posts that I may regret writing in a few months. It is more of a plan than a post, and a plan I intend to sell with significant confidence. Starting in the fall, when students … Continue reading

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Offense Wins Games, Defense Wins Championships

Richard Dent, Chicago Bears Superbowl MVP Catchy title- but statistically not accurate. I trust the people at Freakonomics a bit more than I trust my family screaming at the TV on Thanksgiving. So is this post about statistically irrelevant phrases? … Continue reading

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Changing Passwords: More Than Just a Security Annoyance

When working in a corporate setting, the IT department will normally set a password expiry date, and on that date, everyone will be prompted to change their passwords. This is seen as a simple straightforward process that does not require … Continue reading

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Flame Virus,Cyber Weapons and the Cloud

The Problem Recently there has been press on a new Cyber-Weapon called FLAME. Now many of you might be wondering why I called it a Cyber-Weapon. Well here are a list of things it can do:  Record audio from your … Continue reading

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Cyber Awareness Week

For many middle school students (and a lot of adults I know) their online social community is pretty important to them. In the middle school many of these students are also pretty new to this new online world before them. … Continue reading

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