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Controlling What Students Can Access

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato Recently I have been discussing multiple new security measures for academic networks. From these discussions with other schools, engineers, and suppliers, I have created set of goals to help keep the development of network … Continue reading

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Weekly Rant: Malware is Real

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato The International Educator Blog Post on Ransomeware  

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Understanding Ransomeware

                                   By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato On Friday, 12 May 2017, a large cyber-attack using it was launched, infecting more … Continue reading

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Stopping Entitlement & The Arbitrary Security

This is one of those posts that I may regret writing in a few months. It is more of a plan than a post, and a plan I intend to sell with significant confidence. Starting in the fall, when students … Continue reading

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Offense Wins Games, Defense Wins Championships

Richard Dent, Chicago Bears Superbowl MVP Catchy title- but statistically not accurate. I trust the people at Freakonomics a bit more than I trust my family screaming at the TV on Thanksgiving. So is this post about statistically irrelevant phrases? … Continue reading

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Changing Passwords: More Than Just a Security Annoyance

When working in a corporate setting, the IT department will normally set a password expiry date, and on that date, everyone will be prompted to change their passwords. This is seen as a simple straightforward process that does not require … Continue reading

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Flame Virus,Cyber Weapons and the Cloud

The Problem Recently there has been press on a new Cyber-Weapon called FLAME. Now many of you might be wondering why I called it a Cyber-Weapon. Well here are a list of things it can do:  Record audio from your … Continue reading

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Cyber Awareness Week

For many middle school students (and a lot of adults I know) their online social community is pretty important to them. In the middle school many of these students are also pretty new to this new online world before them. … Continue reading

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