www.noredink.com – A review


I was reading Larry Ferlazzo’s blog and saw this. I thought to myself “Hmmmm-that looks good.” So, I popped right over to www.noredink.com and signed up as a teacher. The website is all about teaching students grammar. I know what you’re thinking “Grammar!? I’d rather grate the side of my face and then dive into a bath of rubbing alcohol!

OK, that may not be exactly what you’re thinking, but learning grammar is not that exciting (for most of us) and it takes a lot of practice and time. I am wondering if noredink cracked the code. I wonder if they can make it interesting and not a total snooze fest. I bet you want to know too, am I right? Well wait no further, hit on past the break to see what I think and whether you agree or disagree leave comment below. We love those things here at IT Babble!

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