Embed Plus – A strange but intriguing service


A few weeks ago I wrote a little article about TubeChop and how easy it is to take a YouTube video and edit it to show a specific section. It is a good little service, easy to use, straight forward, and it let’s you link to the newer, shortened video. On that post Tay from Embed Plus stopped by and left a comment encouraging me to take a look at his service embedplus. The site allows you some other services as well as shortening YouTube videos. When I first got to the site I was disappointed. Not going to lie about it. I thought to myself TubeChop is waaaaay better than this thing. A weird thing happened though. As I explored the site, I started to like what they were doing. Intrigued? You should be. Hit on past the break to see why embedplus maybe a tool you should check out.

Oh yeah, leave a comment or Omar will embedplus you! (not sure what that means but it doesn’t sound pleasant :o)

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